Increase Win Ratio and Sales Team Efficiency


Increasing Win-Ratios is typically one of the objectives of opportunity management.


  • Opportunity Management methodology
  • Opportunity Management process
  • Tactical skills
  • Opportunity Management Implementation
  • Win Loss Analysis
  • Handover Workshops

What do we offer?

  • Implementation of methodologies, Logra’s, yours or your partner’s or make your own methods and processes work
  • Definition and implementation of processes
  • Consulting, Management, Sales Representative, Opportunity Coaching, Training
  • Project and ongoing support.
  • What you need, as much as you need to reach your targets.
  • Status quo analysis and method-process application audits

What could this do for you?

  • Higher win ratio (conversion ratio)
  • Higher productivity, more efficiency, more effectiveness of your sales force
  • Better leverage of your management’s experience to support winning opportunities
  • More transparency, more collaboration across departments and between your and partners’ organizations, no islands of knowledge or diverging strategies preventing success
  • Faster ramp up of new sales people, faster integration of newly acquired companies
  • Less information and opportunities lost when sales people leave your company
  • Resulting in higher revenues, more market share.

When could it be of value to you?

Your company
  • Loses too many deals to competitors
  • Engages in too many deals that result in no decision or in revenue that doesn’t justify cost, including opportunity cost
  • Has too many lone warriors who could be much more successful if they worked as a team
  • Is expanding and or has a high sales team turnover
  • Is expanding and needs to integrate newly acquired companies and their sales force fast and sustainably

Our Experience

  • Thousands of Opportunity Management workshops delivered world-wide
  • Thousands of opportunities coached
  • Methodology and training courses development
  • Implemented Projects involving all levels of hierarchy and up to hundreds of sales and sales support people
Contact us to learn how Logra can help you win more deals, being more efficient and effective in a systematic yet pragmatic, in a make it happen, analysis based approach.
Winning Deals – the heart of selling,
it’s where the money comes from. Important enough to think before you act.



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Value Definition and
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Tactical Skills