Increase Share of Wallet and Account Team Efficiency


Increasing Share of Wallet is typically the main objective of account management.


  • Account Management methodology
  • Account Management process
  • Tactical skills
  • Handover Workshops

What do we offer?

  • Status quo analysis and method-process application audits
  • Definition and implementation of processes
  • Implementation of methods, Logra-owned, partner-owned or your make your own methods and processes work
  • Training in related tactical skills for professionals, managers and executives
  • Collaboration in projects, consulting, coaching and on-going support.
  • Ask us should you need something else, something specific
  • Status quo analysis and method-process application audits

What could this do for you?

  • Higher percentage of your customer’s capital and operations budget in fields you compete in.
  • Higher productivity, more efficiency, more effectiveness of your account teams
  • Better leverage of your management’s experience and status to have an impact with your key accounts
  • Higher quality contribution of your marketing through account focused activities
  • Better leverage your relationship and credibility in one area to sell solutions of other areas thus increasing foothold, revenue and margin, thus becoming less replaceable
  • More transparency, more collaboration across departments and between your and partners’ organizations, no islands of knowledge or diverging strategies preventing success
  • Faster ramp up of new sales people, faster integration of newly acquired companies
  • Less information and contacts lost when sales people leave your company
  • Higher revenues, more market share.

When could it be of value to you?

Your company
  • Needs to introduce and sell new offerings to existing accounts, your own or offerings that you have thanks to acquisitions or new partnerships
  • Needs to expand into other parts of the account
  • Needs to get rid of silos, do more cross-selling
  • Has lost share of wallet to competitors
  • Has customers who expand into new geographies or topics, acquiring companies
  • Has competitors becoming more aggressive, better or has competitors engaging with key accounts
  • Is too often involved too late or even surprised by customer projects or finds out about customer projects only after the decisions have been taken.

Our Experience

  • Hundreds of Account Management workshops delivered world-wide
  • Hundreds of Account Planning sessions facilitated
  • Methodology and training courses development
  • Implemented projects involving all levels of hierarchy and dozens of Account Managers
Contact us to learn more on how AccountWinner can help you increase share of wallet and sales team efficiency-effectiveness in a systematic yet pragmatic, in a make it happen, analysis based approach.
Account Management: Much talked about – frequently misunderstood - often neglected. Invest to know about the races taking place, to be in the pole position required to to winning as many races as make sense as efficiently as possible.



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