Increase Deal Value to you and to your customer


The value all parties get out of a deal depends on the quality of negotiations.


  • Negotiation Management methodology
  • Negotiation Management process
  • Negotiation skills

What do we offer?

  • Analysis of today’s situation
  • Implementation of methodologies, Strategic Negotiation or yours
  • Negotiation Training, negotiation situation coaching
  • Definition and implementation of processes
  • Communicate Value Workshops
  • Status quo assessment and Status quo analysis and method-process application audits

What could this do for you?

  • Increase probability of getting negotiation results, of getting the customer to buy
  • Maintain and improve long term relationships as a result of the negotiation
  • Increase the value of the result for both side
  • Get a higher share of a bigger pie
  • Be better at responding to buyer’s tactics (e.g. focus on price only)
  • More efficiency, less conflicts by including all internal parties concerned in the negotiation process

When could it be of value to you?

Your sales force
  • Concede too often to price pressure
  • Need to be more creative when negotiating
  • Should consider negotiation as a process, rather than just an event, gaining more control vs. being a punching ball of a professional buyer at the end of the process
  • Sometimes promise more than the company can provide, not having negotiated internally before doing so with the customer.

Our Experience

  • Cooperation with ThinkInc! Offering the leading negotiation thinking (beyond “Getting to Yes”) in a form that is pragmatic and applicable:
  • Leading negotiation workshops and coaching negotiation teams world-wide
Contact us to learn how Strategic Negotiation can help you make sure that in negotiations both parties get more than they expect, that there is an outcome and that this outcome builds relationships for future negotiations, be it externally or internally.
Negotiate to create value beyond win-win.


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