Be more successful and efficient by integrating Methodology and CRM


Many CRM benefit management and marketing while a major part of the work is done by sales. Making CRM an operational tool for sales while getting better quality reporting as a side effect can substantially increase results and efficiency of an organisation.


  • Dealmaker™ Smart Opportunity Management and Smart Sales Playbook (TAS)
  • Dealmaker™ Smart Account Management (ex ESP and PMP) and Smart Sales Analytics
Dealmaker is a Trade Mark of TheTASGroup Inc. We have been a certified partner of TheTASGroup Inc. for 19 years and act as an agent.

What do we offer?

  • Dealmaker™: software for Account Managers to self manage their customer base and opportunities, to manage and coach in a B2B, team to team selling environment. Integrated in a CRM system or standalone, operated as a SaaS solution.
  • Implementation of Dealmaker™ in a change management process providing sustained value
  • Training in related tactical skills for professionals, managers and executives

What could this do for you?

  • Higher win ratio (conversion ratio), higher share of wallet, higher quota achievement
  • Higher productivity, more efficiency, more effectiveness of your sales force
  • Leverage your management’s experience to support winning opportunities better, to have teams focus on the right opportunities, on the right accounts, on the right people, on communicating value
  • More transparency, more information to take decision by the owners of opportunities, accounts as well as by management
  • Better quality of reporting with less effort
  • more collaboration across departments and between your and partners’ organizations, no islands of knowledge or diverging strategies preventing success
  • better CRM adoption rates
  • Faster ramp up of new sales people, faster integration of newly acquired companies
  • Less information and opportunities lost when sales people leave your company
  • Resulting in higher revenues, more market share.

When could it be of value to you?

Your company
  • Has a significant sales force in a B2B sales environment (more than 30 sales people)
  • Uses a CRM system,(ideally, wants to successfully implement CRM or operate a central opportunity and account management platform.
  • Wants to have a common planning approach, replacing standalone templates, sometimes makeshift PowerPoint, Word or Excel templates
  • Needs a higher CRM adoption rate
  • Wants the CRM system to be an operational tool of sales with high quality reporting for management and marketing being a by-product of forward looking planning
  • Needs more team collaboration – needs more unit to unit, needs more cross country collaboration
  • Is expanding and or has a high sales team turnover
  • Is expanding and needs to integrate newly acquired companies and their sales force fast and sustainably

Our Experience

  • Implemented methodologies involving all levels of hierarchy and dozens of Account Managers
  • Hundreds of Account Management workshops delivered world-wide
  • Hundreds of Account Planning sessions facilitated
Contact us to learn how Dealmaker can help you implement a sales effectiveness initiative that will have a lasting benefit to your sales organization.
Why not do the evident to reach sales and productivity targets? Integrate CRM, Opportunity, Account, Pipeline Management sales reporting; turn method, tool and technology into an operational platform for sales and sales management and get better pipeline quality as a by-product.