Integrate Units fast and thoroughly when reorganising/acquiring


When acquiring new companies or reorganising in the sales arena methodologies, common language, change management including “hand-over” play a key role.


  • Account, Opportunity, Partner Management
  • Change management
  • Hand-Over of existing customer and opportunities

What do we offer?

  • Help set-up and lead change management projects
  • Assess situation, methodologies, processes, people
  • Integrate processes
  • Define and train common methodologies and approaches: Account, Opportunity, Negotiation Management
  • Value Communication workshops with one or both organisations to have them understand the other’s or their common value proposition (sometimes also their own)
  • Facilitate and document account-, opportunity-, partner hand-over sessions

What could this do for you?

  • Ramp-up new or newly organised units faster
  • Keep up momentum and credibility in accounts and opportunities, thus increasing the chance of keeping-increasing win ratio and share of wallet
  • Increase revenue
  • Higher talent and partner retention

When could it be of value to you?

  • Need to integrate the sales force of a newly acquired company
  • Need to restructure your sales force, e.g. new territories, new geographies, new customer markets

Our Experience

  • Integration of sales forces covering the same customer base
  • Development of sales force of company acquired by private Equity company.
Contact us to learn how a combination of consulting and coaching, of methodology and skills training can help you get the value out of change in a complex sales environment safe and fast.
There is hardly a better way to get people from different origins to work together than having them jointly plan future wins - using a common approach. Team building with short term results and long-term impact.




Expertise Based


Value Definition
& Communication