Maintain knowledge in times of change


Sales people take over accounts, partners, and opportunities from other sales people. Key information and years of investments can get lost if the transition is not done properly, particularly if the person handing over has to leave the company or is not happy with the change for other reasons.


  • Account, Opportunity, Partner Management
  • Hand-over of existing customer and opportunities

What do we offer?

  • Facilitate and document account-, opportunity-, partner hand-over sessions

What could this do for you?

  • Keep up momentum and credibility in accounts and opportunities, thus increasing the chance of keeping-increasing win ratio and share of wallet
  • Maintain share of wallet, keep customer satisfied
  • Increase revenue

When could it be of value to you?

  • Need to let go members of your sales teams
  • Need to reallocate responsibility for accounts, partners, opportunities

Our Experience

  • Led hundreds of joint account, opportunity and partner planning sessions
  • Have the tools to lead such sessions and document them
  • Teach and practice change management, including the human side of it
Contact us to have us contribute to have you materialize the expected results of your change project.
Prevent valuable customer and account information from being lost in organisational transition, prevent your company’s information assets from walking out of the door when a salesperson leaves the company.