Leverage partners better


More and more companies collaborate with partners to be successful. Many call this “Partner Management”. We feel we cannot manage outside partners, we should do joint business development and then implement the result of that planning.


  • Identify Business Partners
  • Partner Planning
  • Depending on situation also Account, Opportunity, Negotiation Management

What do we offer?

  • Implementation of methodologies, Logra-owned, partner-owned or your own
  • Identify partner profiles, find and cooperate with partners
  • Definition and implementation of processes
  • Facilitate planning sessions and joint planning sessions
  • Ask us should you need something else, something specific

What could this do for you?

  • Penetrate and/or develop markets faster and more efficiently
  • Work around your weaknesses economically
  • Leverage your strengths without adding manpower
  • Higher productivity, more efficiency, more effectiveness of your sales force

When could it be of value to you?

Your company
  • Wants to grow without investing heavily in own resources
  • Identifies potential synergy working with companies who have complementary technology or coverage of markets
  • Wants to move part of the business from a direct sales to an indirect sales model, too many deals to competitors

Our Experience

  • Partner Planning Workshops
  • Joint Partner Planning Sessions
  • Plan development coaching
  • Methodology and training courses development
Contact us to learn how we can help you select the right Go to Market partners and to collaborate successfully with them.
Have a partner strategy and then jointly plan with each one of them, pursuing common goals, leveraging each partner’s strengths, working around each partner’s weaknesses. Implement the plan.