Have Marketing and sales benefit from each other


Marketing can support sales by
  • Creating value statements for specific customer groups against specific competitors
  • Communicating this value to the market
  • Defining and executing plans to win significant opportunities
  • Defining and executing account marketing plans
Sales can support marketing by
  • Providing information from the field


  • Solution and Value Definition
  • Account and Opportunity Planning involving Marketing
  • Win-Loss Analysis

What do we offer?

  • Prepare, facilitate and document Value Definition Workshops with Management, Marketing and Sales.
  • Review Marketing materials and quotations to reflect the outcome of Value Definition Sessions
  • Facilitate future needs workshops
  • Help set-up win-loss analysis processes,
  • Run win-loss analysis including interviews
  • Run opportunity management workshops involving marketing
  • Run account management workshops involving marketing
  • Ask us should you need something else, something specific

What could this do for you?

  • Discover the value potential of your solutions, even if some might think your solutions are generic.
  • Communicate in a more value focused way, be more consistent, have more impact in market and customer communication,
  • More efficient and better value communication
  • Better understanding of competitor’s solutions and strategies
  • Better collaboration between marketing and sales, leveraging each other’s strength thus increasing efficiency and results
  • Learn from experience made by the organisation, thus becoming more effective, more efficient, more successful.
  • Higher productivity, more efficiency, more effectiveness of your sales force
  • thus gaining more deals at better margins

When could it be of value to you?

  • Shareholders, executives feel that marketing and sales should better differentiate solutions, that they should sell less on a Product-Feature-Price level.
  • You want your value statements to be concise and consistent, irrespective of the sales or marketing person communicating value
  • Your Value statements should describe what your solutions do for a customer group vs. being another way to describe solution elements
  • You want your marketing communication to be more customer segment focused.
  • You want to be more effective and efficient make the same experience multiple times

Our Experience

  • Value Definition Workshops/Coaching in miscellaneous industries
  • Win-Loss Analysis
  • Run joint Opportunity Management workshops
  • Methodology and training courses development
Contact us to learn how we can help increasing collaboration between Sales and Marketing, improving Value Communication with customers.
What you sell is not what they buy.
Define what value your offering provides. Then communicate this value consistently and convincingly in marketing and in sales, whatever platform and format of the communication may be used.

Value Definition and
& Communication

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