Opportunity Management

Your Situation? Do you want to 
  • Win a higher percentage of opportunities your teams work on
  • Retire early from deals you cannot or do not want to win
  • Have sales team productivity increase
  • Better use the knowledge and creativity of executives, management and cross-functional resources involved in selling opportunities
  • Have more transparency into deals, whether driven by direct or partner sales forces
  • Ramp up new sales people faster
  • Integrate newly acquired companies
  • Integrate units quickly and thoroughly when reorganising/acquiring
  • Make a reorganisation involving sales happen
  • Keep knowledge on opportunities in house when people leave your companies
  • Increase win ratio and sales team efficiency
  • Be more successful and efficient by integrating methodology and CRM
  • Maintain knowledge in times of change
  • Leverage partners better
  • Have marketing and sales benefit from each other
  • Increase service revenue
  • Increase the productivity of your Sales and Consulting teams
  • Increase deal value to you and your customer (through negotiation)
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