Increase Service Revenue


Increasing service revenue can demand better Account Management or better Opportunity Management. Priorities could also be on defining the right service solutions or solutions packages and/or on changing employees approach to delivering services.


  • Account Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Value Definition Workshops
  • Value Communication
  • Consulting Skills for Professionals /Sales Consulting Skills

What do we offer?

  • Set – up and help run a change project
  • Collaborate on defining service solutions
  • Help Identify value of and define value statements for service offerings
  • Teach and have sales practise communicating value
  • Coach the development of service account plans
  • Coach winning key projects
  • Account, Opportunity, Consulting Skills, Negotiation workshops

What could this do for you?

  • More service revenue
  • Be perceived as business contributor by market and customers

When could it be of value to you?

  • You want to increase the service share of your revenue distribution
  • You need to be better at offering and delivering services to sell your equipment
  • You want to increase margins
  • You want to increase the share of your equipment being serviced by you
  • You want to start offering services for other than your own equipment

Our Experience

  • Development of service packages
  • Development of service account plans
  • Development of experts to consultants
  • Methodology and training courses development
  • Running Account, Opportunity, Negotiation plan development sessions and workshops
Contact us to start evaluating how we could collaborate to have you sell more services.
Your customers treat your experts as they perceive them. Just giving them a consultant’s business card will not change their approach. Converting them into consultants will give you access to the customers’ projects you may need – in time, not when customers look for providers of best price expertise work once major decisions are taken.

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