Increase Productivity of Sales and Consulting Force


Consultants and experts very often have more customer face-time than sales people, particularly when being engaged in projects or outsourcing contracts. Why not take advantage of their insight and their relationships to influence projects earlier, to gain access to the relevant people, to define offerings and define and communicate customer specific value of offerings.


  • Act as consultants vs. experts
  • Collaboration between consulting, pre-sale consulting and sales
  • Identify opportunities
  • Frame projects-opportunities
  • Negotiate internally

What do we offer?

  • Sales Consulting Skills Workshops and reinforcement
  • Consulting Skills for Professionals Workshops and reinforcement
  • Lead Opportunity Management workshops with co-development of opportunity plans
  • Lead Negotiation workshops including working on specific internal or external negotiation situations
  • Help set-up and lead change projects

What could this do for you?

  • More revenue, more margin
  • Less cost of sales
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • More efficiency, more effectiveness
  • Better collaboration, better talent retention

When could it be of value to you?

  • You have experts – consultants work at customer’s site or with customers (e.g. outsourcing)
  • You want to increase their loyalty to your company, their perception that they are your employee, not the customer’s
  • You lose customers, you lose deals, you face increasing competition within your accounts

Our Experience

  • Running Account, Opportunity, Negotiation plan development sessions and workshops
  • Develop experts to have them act as consultants
  • Develop Professional Services
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In many industries it is understood that selling solutions requires consultative approaches. Be better than others by teaching your sales and pre-sales people consulting vs. offering them sales and product expertise training only.

Expertise Based

Sales Consulting