Increase the Impact of Staff Units – Staff Employees


Staff Units offer their expertise to Business Units. Irrespective of culture it is a de facto customer – supplier relationship. Business units do not just need expertise, they often need advice, e.g. in HR, in Marketing, or when contracting. Whenever they do not get the consulting they need internally they turn to external consultants. Sometimes it would be wiser to teach internal experts consulting vs. investing time and money to teach external consultants “the company”.


  • Understand Needs
  • Reach Agreement – Negotiate internally
  • Get suggestions/proposals accepted
  • Lead change

What do we offer?

  • Consulting Skills for Professionals Workshops and reinforcement
  • Negotiation Skills workshops for internal negotiations

What could this do for you?

  • Less cost, more efficiency, more effectiveness
  • Faster solutions and the related value
  • Better solutions and the related value
  • Better collaboration between Business and Staff Units
  • Better unit/job protection for service unit / employees due to more value provided

When could it be of value to you?

  • Your external consulting budgets/expenses are too high
  • Frictions between Business and Service Units lead to cost, overruns, to slow responses to market demand, loss of time etc.
  • You want to motivate/keep your top experts who do not see a career path within your company
  • You have PMI certified project managers who need training to earn PDUs to maintain their PMP status.

Our Experience

  • Leading Consulting Skills for Professionals Workshops for internal service providers
  • Leading Managing Consulting Skills workshops for experts and managers
  • Lead Strategic Negotiations workshops for internal consultants
Contact us to discuss how we could help improve your unit’s contribution and standing.
It is sometimes more effective teaching internal units consulting than teaching yet another new external consultant your business. The future of your service unit may depend on it.

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