Achieve better internal negotiation results more efficiently


Within a company negotiations between units and people take place on a daily basis. Being better, more structured, and more creative in these negotiations can therefore lead to a significant increase in productivity, working climate and have negotiators achieve better results.
Before negotiating externally, normally internal negotiations take place to make sure realistic solutions are offered.


  • Understand logic and structure of negotiations
  • Prepare for negotiations – for going through a negotiation process
  • Lead negotiation, make the pie bigger before distributing it
  • Be prepared to react to negotiation tactics

What do we offer?

  • Tailor training writing company specific case studies
  • Strategic Negotiations training including participants preparing own negotiations
  • Negotiation coaching

What could this do for you?

  • Increase probability of getting negotiation results, and of getting decisions faster
  • More creative solutions providing more value to all parties and the company
  • Increase the value of the result for both sides
  • Maintain and improve long term relationships as a result of the negotiation
  • Better working climate, more motivation to collaborate, more capability to successfully working together

When could it be of value to you?

  • You want to speed up internal processes
  • You want to change culture from confrontation between units to collaboration
  • You need innovation, creativity to move the company forward.

Our Experience

  • Cooperation with ThinkInc! Offering the leading negotiation thinking (beyond “Getting to Yes”) in a form that is pragmatic and applicable
  • Leading negotiation workshops and coaching negotiation teams world-wide
Contact us to learn how Strategic Negotiation can help you make sure that internal negotiations are perceived and professionally prepared and led as such resulting in better, more creative collaboration between units and individuals.
Most negotiations are internal. Reach better decisions and agreements faster while building trust and relationship.