Opportunity Management

Coordinate resources to win opportunities efficiently.
Basic Methods and Workshops 
Opportunity Management methodology for complex deals
Opportunity Management methodology for less complex deals
Smart Opportunity Manager and Smart Sales Playbook
Opportunity Management integrated into Salesforce CRM. Target Account Selling™ as “Software as a Service”.
We also work with other customer owned or licensed methodologies
Target Account Selling™
The classic workshop. Methodology owned by TheTASGroup.
Support and Sustainability Offerings 
Improving Opportunity Management Workshop
A series of workshops that refreshes methodology knowledge and helps develop new plans, improve existing ones. Can be adapted to any type of reasonable opportunity management method.
Coaching Opportunity Plan Workshop
A workshop that helps managers become better at analysing opportunity plans and running subsequent plan reviews in a constructive, efficient and effective way.
Value Communication Workshop
A workshop that provides participants with a framework to create a value proposition and then to communicate it in different formats.
Sales Leadership Workshop
A workshop that provides sales leadership with insight and tools to leverage their experience to develop their sales force to success. Including implementation and application decisions.
  • Management
  • Sellers
  • Sales Teams
  • Opportunities
  • Assessments
  • Processes
  • Change projects
  • Process Audits
We adapt our or your workshops to have them better support your goal achievement or develop new ones
We have been a European pioneer helping customers to win deals using Opportunity Management since 1994, have the experience of thousands of coaching and teaching workshops with dozens of customers, of real implementations world-wide