Account Management

Develop customers to optimise your share of wallet over time.
Basic Methods and Workshops 
Account Management methodology for significant accounts
Account Management for smaller Accounts and for Account Portfolios.
Smart Account Manager (ex ESP/PMP) and Smart Sales Analytics
Account Management offered as a Software as a Service with Blended Learning. A solution of The TAS Group
We also work with other customer owned or licensed methodologies
Enterprise Sales Process
The classic workshop to develop Account plans. Methodology owned by TheTASGroup.
Portfolio Management
Process (PMP)
The classic workshop to develop customer portfolio plans. Methodology owned by TheTASGroup.
Support and Sustainability Offerings 
Account Plan Development Workshops
Workshops or series of workshops to plan accounts with account teams that may be large and globally based.
Coaching Account Plan Workshop
A workshop that helps Managers become better at analysing account plans and running subsequent plan reviews in a constructive, efficient and effective way.
Value Communication Workshop
A workshop that provides participants with a framework to create a value proposition and then to communicate it in different formats.
Sales Leadership Workshop
A workshop that provides sales leadership with insight and tools to leverage their experience to develop their sales force to success. Including implementation and application decisions.
Handover sessions
Structured sessions to hand over account responsibility
Plan review sessions
Facilitate sessions to review account plans
  • Management
  • Account Managers
  • Account Teams
  • Account Plans
  • Assessments
  • Processes
  • Change projects
  • Process Audits
We adapt our or your workshops to have them better support your goal achievement or develop new ones.
We have led planning sessions with world-wide account teams having one customer only, generating 3 or 4-digit million USD/EUR of revenue per year. We have also led planning sessions with managers of portfolios of 10, 20 or more accounts optimizing their focus to extract maximum value for their customer.