Value Definition and Communication

As a company identify why customers should buy from you and then let customers taking decisions understand your consistent, cohesive, customer specific value message to have the balance tip in your favour.
Basic Methods and Workshops 
Value Definition
Identification of value of an offering: analysing offering elements and competition for specific markets.
Deliverable: Unique Value Statements that can be used in Sales and in Marketing
Value Communication
Analysing customer situation to create a customer situation specific value proposition that is then used to communicate in forms chosen by customers, e.g. Whiteboard, Executive value statement, PowerPoint presentations, Management Summaries. Including practice sessions.
Support and Sustainability Offerings 
  • Value Presentations
  • Go to Market Value Propositions
  • Assessments
  • Company value orientation
  • Value Audits
We have helped companies understand what value they provide to the market and coached and taught value communication on all continents, in different industries.

Value Definition and
& Communication