Sales Consulting Skills

Get involved early and win more deals by enabling Pre-Sales Consultants and Sales to act in a consulting manner providing them with consulting insight, approaches and tools emanating from the consulting world (vs. more sales or solution training only).
Basic Methods and Workshops 
Consulting Skills for Professionals™
(external consultants)
Comprehensive workshop creating awareness, desire to act as consultant and providing the tools to do so.
Consulting Skills for Professionals (for external consultants and for experts with internal customers)
Support and Sustainability Offerings 
Refresher Workshops
Refresh concepts learned
Deep Dive Workshops
To cover topics of particular interest in more depth.
Coaching Consulting Skills for Professional Workshop
For managers of experts that need to develop into being consultants.
  • Teams on specific consulting projects/ situations
  • Implementation of principles in processes
In many industries it is understood that selling solutions requires consultative approaches. Be better than others by teaching your sales and pre-sales people consulting vs. offering them sales and product expertise training only.

Sales Consulting