Tactical Skills

Your Situation? 
  • Have people from any department implement actions defined with more success.
  • Some of the topics dealt with by Logra relate to processes or methods you use. You want them to be executed more consistently and better.
  • You want people to communicate with more impact, with less misunderstandings, either internally or externally
  • You want people to think, act and communicate with more customer focus
  • You want people and organisation to be aware of non management and management career pathes and help individuals move forward.
  • This list could be endless. Let us know what you want to have changed in your people’s behaviour and we will let you know whether we have an answer.
  • As far as skills related to processes and methods are concerned you can get more information in the section interesting you: account, opportunity, negotiation management or partner collaboration. We do not just implement methods, we also teach and have people practice the application
  • You want to have marketing and sales benefit from each other defining and selling value and value definition and communication
  • You need to increase the productivity of sales and consulting teams
  • Your objective is to increase of staff units/people
  • You are positioning your internal service organisation as internal consulting and service organisation.