Curriculum Vitae

Erwin Peter, Logra GmbH, is a consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer in the field of complex selling. When he started teaching Opportunity Management methodologies in 1994, he was a European pioneer in the field. His structured, yet pragmatic approach; his cultural and linguistic adaptability; along with the results he achieves with the organisations he works with have earned him the respect of global and midsized regional players alike. Their assignments take him across the globe, working in English, Spanish, French and German (Italian and Portuguese passively). Erwin has developed methodologies himself but is open to support the implementation of whatever approach or methodology serves his customers best.

He is President/CEO of Logra GmbH, a company he co-founded in 1998. He has built a broad international network of colleagues Logra GmbH works with, has been a partner of TheTASGroup and predecessors since 1994, collaborates with ThinkInc! on the topic of Strategic Negotiation and is a member of the Project Management Institute.
The objective of his work is sustainable impact with his clients as well as with the individuals he works with. He thus helps companies to
  • increase share of wallet with relevant customers,
  • increase conversion ratios in opportunity management
  • get bipartisan leverage out of partnerships
  • be successful by positioning themselves as a consulting organisation, by better utilising the potential of the company’s experts, be it with external or internal clients, be it as pre-sales, project or functional consultants.
  • become more effective and efficient in sales and consulting
Erwin combines his consulting and sales experience to a change management approach that looks far beyond workshop evaluation results. He works with all the levels required to implement change: from the president to members of sales teams without customer facing activity.

He helps set up and lead projects to success, works as a member of project teams or acts as a coach, workshop or meeting facilitator depending on his customers’ requirements and structure. He has a non-dogmatic approach to methodologies and is certified to work with and teach methodologies of miscellaneous providers. He has authored OpportunityWinner, AccountWinner and sales-related workshops, co-developed Consulting Skills for Professionals and Sales Consulting Skills and customer specific training programs.

In B2B sales his main focus are structures, processes and methodologies in Account, Opportunity and Partner management, in Strategic Negotiations as well as related skills on a professional, management and executive level. In the tactical area he concentrates on skills salespeople need when dealing with CxO level relationships. He also teaches Consulting Skills for Professionals and Sales Consulting Skills. Both are approaches that help experts to make the step to becoming consultants, not just on their business card, but to the benefit of their employer, their internal/external customers and to their careers.

Erwin has worked in more than 40 countries on 5 continents, in multiple languages. He is one of the consultants who can truly act globally, can be part of world-wide projects and roll-outs, one who is prepared to travel almost anywhere, even if it is not for long.

He started his career with Nestlé, as an internal consultant suggesting process improvements in subsidiaries stretching from factories in Hokkaido, to country headquarters in Barcelona, to Fast Food restaurants in Rio de Janeiro. He then switched to sales, founding a company distributing test equipment to the electronics industry before moving to a sales management role in a company developing, selling and implementing ERP systems in an IBM environment. He became an independent consultant in 1993, running projects such as the reorganisation of a major elevator company in Venezuela. In 1994 he became the first Target Account Selling affiliate in continental Europe. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Zürich University of Applied Sciences.

Erwin Peter

President/CEO of Logra GmbH