Our name is our mission: “Logra” means “succeed” in Spanish. We help others succeed, have done so for more than 20 years. We would be delighted if we could help you succeed.

Logra is a growing number of contributors (Trainers, Coaches, Consultants), spread all over the world and covering a broad variety of topics:

Where can we help? We focus on 3 business areas and training:


  • Help your leaders leverage their strengths and experience to be viewed as extraordinary, producing extraordinary results.
  • Help organisation win more deals in a B2B environment, increase their share of wallet with big clients and collaborate better with partners: methods, processes, tools, skills.
  • Help your subject matter experts contribute more to the success of internal or external clients by applying consulting approaches and tools.


  • Help training organisations and companies have qualified trainers for their programs world-wide, without adding overhead.
  • Help trainers, coaches, consultants get involved with new clients and projects where they can help others succeed.

Please contact me if you want to explore if and in what way our offering can help you succeed. I am looking forward to it.

Erwin Peter
Co-Founder and Owner

More details as to where we can help: see table below.

If you need Then we help you with
More success in B2B sales
  • Consultants, coaches, trainers with experience and flexibility,
  • Methods, approaches, insights, tools
  • world-wide, languages of your choice
Experts getting consulting assignments which are critical for your success, with internal and/or external customers.
Consulting Skills for Professionals:

  • insight, approaches, tools, templates helping experts being viewed and treated as subject matter consultants,
  • resulting in better utilisation of their expertise, to the benefit of their organisation, their clients and themselves
Leaders who understand where they need to improve and what specifically they can do differently to be seen as extraordinary leaders producing extraordinary results
  • Training courses and coaching based upon the huge research done and being done by ZengerFolkman.
  • Science based and pragmatic
  • Industry and role independent.
People helping you develop and/or deliver training courses, any topic – anywhere (almost)
A world-wide network of experienced trainers, designers, session-hosts.
A new client for your training and coaching services
  • More revenue and self-development being involved in interesting projects
  • collaborating with people who understand you, as they have been in your situation for decades.